West Virginia and Virginia House-Race Update

by Henry Olsen


Things look good for the GOP here, too.

VA-2: Republican Scott Rigell is ahead by 14 with a third of the vote in. Not enough to call it, but a good sign.

VA-5: GOP challenger Rob Hurt is ahead by 7 with 75 percent in. Probable GOP pickup.

VA-9: Democrat Rick Boucher’s 28-year congressional career is over, thanks to his cap-and-trade vote in this coal-mining district. GOP house of delegates leader Morgan Griffith is ahead by 6.5 and has been called the winner.

VA-11: Republican Keith Fimian is leading by 13, but it’s only 10 percent of the vote, and the more liberal parts of the district are not reporting.

WV-1: With only 9 percent in, this race is 50-50.

The consensus for these states was a GOP gain of two. They’ll reach that easily — a gain of four would be a signal that north of 60 nationwide looks good.

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