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by Matthew Shaffer

jennagiesta (Jennifer Agiesta)

Generation gap on Prop. 19 was enormous: six in 10 under 30 say they voted yes, seven in 10 seniors say no. #APVote2010 #exitpolls

JedediahBila (Jedediah Bila) 

Michael Grimm wins! At least there’s some sanity in NY

johntabin (John Tabin) 

Reid wins. Look on the bright side: No Majority Leader Schumer.

DanFosterNRO (Daniel Foster) 

Lowden, Lowden. My Kingdom for Lowden!

asymmetricinfo (Megan McArdle) 

Buck takes lead in Colorado

davidfrum (David Frum) 

Will the Tea Party wear the Angle & O’Donnell defeats?

jaketapper (Jake Tapper) 

ABCNews projects in #OHGOV - Kasich

timkmak (Tim Mak) 

Important races still to be decided in NY: #NY23 #NY1 Altschuler and Doheny not settled.