Miller Talks Alaska Senate Race

by Katrina Trinko

“We’re going to hit the sack,” Joe Miller tells NRO. “We’ll see what it looks like in the morning.”

Miller still sees signs of hope. “Last result that came in just closed the gap a little bit,” Miller points out, noting that his share of the vote has increased by a percentage point (from 34 percent to 35 percent).  And he says that he did well in the early votes.

“We do know that there are thousands and thousands of write-in ballots,” Miller adds, indicating that it could be a while before the final results will be known. “At any rate, we know it’s likely those write-in ballots will have to be counted and reviewed. . . .160 write-in candidates on that list so we’ll see where that goes.”

With 68 percent of precincts voting, 39 percent of voters chose a write-in candidate, 35 percent backed Miller, and 24 percent voted for McAdams.