Ah, Wilderness (No More)! (Not Ever?)

by Jay Nordlinger

I was going to do a few jottings, here on the Corner this morning. Just some stray observations about the election. And the few jottings turned into a few more — not a great many, just 25. Anyway, they are in Impromptus form, on the homepage: Go here, if interested. After the 2008 election, I did an Impromptus called “Bitterfest,” as I recall. The current jottings are less bitter. But, oh, there’s a dollop in there. The three candidates I most wanted to win, did not win. The two Democrats I think I most wanted to lose — Reid and Boxer — did not lose. Well, the Republican party was supposed to be flat on its back, after 2008. And am I now so greedy that I want to win them all?

I say in my Impromptus that we — that we Republicans and conservatives — were supposed to spend a long, long time in the wilderness. Instead, we spent about two seconds there. We barely got a chance to enjoy some solitude. Anyway, Happy Morning After. I hope your house is in good condition. My apartment looks like the hotel suite in that recent movie about Las Vegas. Hang on, let me Google: Oh, yeah, The Hangover!

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