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2010 Incumbent Democrats in McCain’s 2008 Districts



This is a breakdown of Democratic incumbents in districts that were won by John McCain in his 2008 presidential bid.  McCain’s 2008 margin of victory in each district is noted with an R plus his percentage advantage over Obama.

Victorious Democrats in McCain-Held Districts (9): 

Dan Boren (OK-2) R+32 

Mike Ross (AR-4) R+19 

Jim Matheson (UT-2) R+18 

Nick J. Rahall II (WV-3) R+14 

Jason Altmire (PA-4) R+11 

Mike McIntyre (NC-7) R+5 

Heath Shuler (NC-11) R+5 

Tim Holden (PA-17) R+3 

Collin C. Peterson (MN-7) R+3


Defeated Democrats in McCain-Held districts (28): 

Chet Edwards (TX-17) R+35 

Gene Taylor (MS-4) R+35 

Lincoln Davis (TN-4) R+30 

Bobby Bright (AL-2) R+26 

Travis W. Childers (MS-1) R+25 

Walt Minnick (ID-1) R+25 

Ike Skelton (MO-4) R+23 

Rick Boucher (VA-9) R+19 

Frank Kratovil Jr. (MD-1) R+18 

Jim Marshall (GA-8) R+13 

Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-1) R+10 

Allen Boyd (FL-2) R+9 

Christopher Carney (PA-10) R+9 

Earl Pomeroy (ND-AL) R+8 

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD-AL) R+8 

Zack Space (OH-18) R+8 

John M. Spratt Jr. (SC-5) R+7 

Harry E. Mitchell (AZ-5) R+5 

Tom Perriello (VA-5) R+3 

John Boccieri (OH-16) R+2 

Baron P. Hill ( (IN-9) R+2 

Suzanne M. Kosmas (FL-24) R+2 

Michael E. McMahon (NY-13) R+2 

John Salazar (CO-3) R+2 

Charlie Wilson (OH-6) R+2 

Betsy Markey (CO-4) R+1 

Harry Teague (NM-2) R+1 

Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-3) R+0


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