by Jay Nordlinger

One more quick one, then I’m through with the election (for a while). Wanted to say, I saw Michael Steele on television last night — and thought he did very well. I thought he was measured, persuasive, likable, and altogether impressive. This was the Steele I was excited about, back when he was lieutenant governor of Maryland. This was the Steele whose rise I was so looking forward to. I wrote a piece about him — this was 2005 — called “A Horse of a Different Color: Maryland’s Michael Steele and the courage of the black Republican.” (Go here.)

As RNC chairman, he had a very rocky start. He seems to have found his footing now. And I hope that excellent new opportunities open up for him in the future. He has a lot to contribute. It will be hard for him to win office, though. It will certainly be hard in Maryland.

Bob Ehrlich has failed in his bid there. As I say in Impromptus today, Maryland seems pretty much hopeless — too “blue” for even the best “red.” I further say, Ehrlich might well have an easier time winning the presidency of the United States than the governorship of Maryland. He would make a splendid president, too. He’s a total ace, not just on domestic policy, but also on foreign policy: foursquare and fearless. Reminds me of Reagan, even more of Thatcher. Throw in some George W. Bush too (which is fine by me, incidentally).

Oh, well.