Rick Perry and the Post-Election Gun Raffle

by Kevin D. Williamson

West Texas radio kingpin Robert Pratt highlights a Wall Street Journal paragraph I’d somehow missed:

After [Texas governor Rick Perry] shot a coyote with a laser-sighted pistol while on his morning jog earlier this year, a gun manufacturer came out with a “coyote special” edition of one of its handguns.

Perry supporters in Lubbock, in Northwest Texas, are raffling off two of the guns, with holsters autographed by the governor, for $20 a ticket. They plan to announce the winner after Mr. White concedes, said Irene Howell, the executive administrator of the local Republican party.

Perry won 66.33 percent in my beloved home town of Lubbock. It’s that kind of place. I’m going to guess that Jay’s people back in Ann Arbor did not celebrate the election with a gun raffle.

More Perry gunplay coverage from NR here.

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