The Meaning of Keef

by Andrew Stuttaford

Mike, FWIW, here is my take on Keith Richards’s autobiography. It certainly had its moments (and some of what he wrote about the music was, as you say, well worth reading), but on the whole I thought the book was an opportunity not so elegantly wasted. Instead of a possibly fascinating look at life within the Stones’s rock ‘n’ roll circus it came across more as an attempt by Mr. Richards to amplify his legend still further — up to 11, perhaps — and settle a few scores while he was doing so.

As to all the booze and drugs, yes, there was too much of that, sometimes described in philatelic detail, but I’ll stick with my view that the most outrageous substance abuse described in the book is a recipe for bangers and mash involving HP sauce.

HP sauce! Anyone who has tasted this brutal condiment will understand the horror. I’ll take goats head soup any day.

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