Better Get That Fence Built

by Mark Krikorian

More disturbing news from Mexico:

Mexican drug cartels and shadowy groups of narco-vigilantes have begun to post incriminating videos of forced confessions on the Internet, subsuming the role of the state – and sometimes judge, jury and executioner.

This is a strategy they have learned from the Islamic terrorist organizations and brought to Mexico,” said Martin Barron Cruz, a researcher at the National Institute of Criminal Science in Mexico City.

Along these same lines, Glynn Custred talks with Jamie Glazov of FrontPage on the possibility of a failed state on our southern border:

The Defense Department and the Department of Homeland Security, however, are aware of the deteriorating situation in Mexico and of the threat to the United States. According to a source in the military, those agencies are also aware of what the military might be called upon to do both here and in Mexico if a worst case scenario should unfold. This, however, is still low on their list of priorities, compounded by the kind of confusion and rivalry among the services that we saw before Nine Eleven.  We can only hope that a worst case scenario, which looks more likely every day, does not in fact materialize.

And what is our national government doing to prepare for this eventuality? Suing Arizona for trying to protect itself.

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