Where Are Tom Marsh’s Votes?

by Brian Bolduc

Allegations of fraud in Bridgeport are multiplying as Connecticut awaits the official results of its gubernatorial race. So far, we’ve focused on the Democratic secretary of state’s and the Republican candidate’s conflicting tabulations. But take a gander at another aberration. With 15 of 25 precincts reporting, the Associated Press lists Independent candidate Tom Marsh with no votes in Bridgeport.

It’s a strange result. True, Marsh won only two percent of the vote statewide. But Bridgeport is the state’s largest city, and in four of the five largest cities — Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, and Waterbury –  Marsh got 99, 220, 269, and 578 votes respectively. Wouldn’t at least somebody have voted for him?

Marsh admits to National Review Online, “If there were one city where we would have seen the least support, it would be Bridgeport.” Marsh spent more time campaigning in places like Hartford and New Haven. Still, he notes that his running mate, Cicero Booker, is the former president of the Greater Waterbury Branch of the NAACP and has extensive contacts in Bridgeport. If the ticket got no votes, “that would be a shock,” Marsh says.

When all the precincts report their results, Marsh may very well get his due. But if the trend continues, it may be worth another, more inquisitive look.

UPDATE: The secretary of state’s office has posted numbers for Bridgeport and they show Marsh with 113 votes.

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