The Early Consensus on Pelosi

by Daniel Foster

Seems to be that she’s in good shape. Ed Henry at CNN is reporting the White House will look favorably on her run.

And as to who will be the odd one out now that the Democrats have one fewer leadership spot, a senior Republican Hill staffer e-mails:

Steny, meet Bus.  Bus, meet Steny.

He has no base to turn to – they got wiped out.  Tuesday night clearly taught a lesson to House Democrats, but only to those who got beat.  Pelosi’s position within what remains of her caucus is stronger, as is Clyburn’s. . . Hoyer’s is far, far weaker.

Meanwhile, Pelosi is getting support from some strange places. Like, Rep. Patrick McHenry, Republican from North Carolina’s 10th, who tweeted: “I endorse Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader.”

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