Re ‘Olbermann’

by Jay Nordlinger

I am another “Worst Person” alumnus — or whatever we should call ourselves — who thinks that the firing, or suspension, of Olbermann is a crock. Of course he supports Democratic candidates. He supports them every time he opens his mouth (unless his words backfire, which I trust they do). But what about that policy? Apparently, Olbermann’s network forbids employees to make donations to candidates. Did he know about this? In any case, “Olbie” is his network’s problem . . .

I am an opinion journalist — have you been able to tell? — but I have never given to political candidates. Except to a dear friend of mine, who was running. I am not proud of my non-giving, however. I think that donating to candidates you admire, or want to see succeed, is honorable. I wish I’d had a million to give to Sharron Angle. I wish I’d had the whole of George Soros’s fortune to give to Bob Ehrlich. (Would it have mattered in Maryland?) I wish I’d had a pile to give to Christine. The more they dumped on her, the more I liked her.

By the way, everyone keeps saying that Republicans blew the Delaware seat. Fine. What do you want to do, cancel primaries? Trip the voters as they walk to the polls? Threaten to key their cars? Chloroform anyone who wants to run against the party’s anointed guy or gal? Candidates used to be chosen by backroom men. For that matter, senators used to be appointed. “Those were the days.” (You can sing along with Archie and Edith.)

Anyway, back to Olbermann: The guy is obviously an advocate and a partisan. All the donations tell me is that he’s not a cheapskate.

P.S. Speaking of Edith: I saw Jean Stapleton the other day, and she looked wonderful.

P.P.S. For a piece I wrote on Olbermann, or concerning Olbermann — a poisonous character, in my experience — go here.

P.P.P.S. Years ago, in the early ’80s, the mother of a friend of mine had trouble remembering the name of The McLaughlin Group. She would refer to the show as “those people that yell.” The McLaughlin Group then was a meeting of Trappist monks compared with the style of television now, I gather.

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