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by Matthew Shaffer


Kevin Williamson argues that blaming the remnibi for our economic problems is a harmful canard.

Jay Nordlinger improvises on Senator Levin, narrow misses of the Titanic, and Teddy Roosevelt’s grammatical gaffe.

Thomas Sowell thinks that judges who behave like politicians can be voted out like politicians.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann urge Republicans to ensure that states sunk by profligate public-sector unions never get bailouts.

Mona Charen suspects that, through arrogance and alienation, Obama has lost the means to recover popularity — but Republicans could do it for him.

Piotr Brezezinski asks Republicans to draw inspiration from the British Conservatives’ success in promoting fiscal austerity.

Dennis Prager notes the difference between the citizens of California and the passengers on the Titanic: the latter didn’t vote to hit the iceberg.

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