From 30 Rock

by Robert Costa

To the Hill? Alec Baldwin is reportedly mulling a congressional bid:

[MSNBC] is quoting sources close to actor Alec Baldwin as saying he intends to challenge Randy Altschuler of New York for Congress in two years if the Republican candidate ends up winning the House seat currently occupied by Rep. Tim Bishop, D-N.Y. The Altschuler-Bishop race is one of a handful still deemed too close to call; the most recent count shows Bishop, a four-term incumbent, trailing by less than 400 votes.

Baldwin is no stranger to politics. He has been both criticized and acclaimed for his outspoken support of the Democratic Party (he donated $2,000 to Bishop’s campaign this year), and in an interview with CNN last year, revealed his interest in running for public office.

“The desire is there; that’s one component,” he said. “The other component is opportunity.”

Rob Ryan, Altschuler’s spokesman, e-mails:

“It’s hard to imagine that the Democrats could come up with a candidate more liberal than Tim Bishop, but  I guess Alec Baldwin fits that bill. Our focus right now is assembling the legal and financial resources needed to ensure that an honest and accurate count of every single vote so we can defeat Tim Bishop and give Alec Baldwin an opportunity to run.”

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