Re ‘Nancy Unnoticed’

by Jay Nordlinger

Did you read Bob Costa’s post from 12:58 p.m. yesterday? It is beautifully observed. Put me in mind of something Marlin Fitzwater said. He was, you remember, press secretary to Vice President Bush, President Reagan, and President Bush (41). One day, while at work, he glanced beyond the White House gates, and there was Jody Powell, walking along Pennsylvania Avenue. He was just another guy on the street, making his way through life. And he had shortly before been presidential press secretary: and one of the most noticeable people in American politics. (Powell was just about the most appealing guy in the whole Carter administration.) Fitzwater thought, “By golly, that’s me, pretty soon. Don’t get too cocky.” At least that’s my memory of how Fitzwater reported it.

Rotation in office: It’s a beautiful thing. You may have to do without someone you really, really admire and value. But then those you consider louses have to go too, sooner or later. With maybe a few exceptions . . .

I remember something a prominent Washington journalist — not a Republican — told me when First Lady Hillary Clinton announced she was running for the Senate in, of all places, New York: “They’ll be in our faces for the rest of our lives. We will never be rid of them.” Yup.

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