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by Matthew Shaffer


Conrad Black proposes some bold measures to decrease unemployment, improve infrastructure, reduce poverty, and lower health-insurance costs.

Capt. Pete Hegseth reminds us this Veteran’s Day of why he fights: there is no way to preserve peace, liberate peoples, or deter nuclear-armed dictators without the specter of military might.

David Rittgers argues that the war on drugs is a major obstacle in the path to the restoration of limited government.

Kathryn Jean Lopez interviews Carl Anderson, head of the Knights of Columbus, and author of Beyond a House Divided, who discusses the American moral consensus ignored by elite institutions.

The editors express their pleasant surprise with the program outlined by the president’s deficit-reduction task force, which has begun the deficit-reduction conversation on mature and realistic footing.

Clifford D. May wonders why the clever people always attribute conservative electoral victories to anger and inchoate rage.

Victor Davis Hanson describes the strange politics that stand in the way of effective budget-cutting.

Michael Barone expects incoming GOP freshmen to keep Congress honest.

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