Obama’s Deficit Commission

by Kevin D. Williamson

I rather liked Yuval’s formulation that the deficit panel’s proposal is a “very plausible leftmost boundary of the serious fiscal-policy debate.”

The Editors weigh in here, and are cautiously optimistic that this portends a reasonable approach to forestalling Fiscal Armageddon.

I have a bit more over at Exchequer and debate some cheesed-off readers.

Here’s a remarkable thing: A deficit-reduction panel appointed by Barack Obama has produced a plan that fills Nancy Pelosi with despair, but not the editors of National Review. The deficit is Topic A right now — and that is a bigger win for the Tea Party gang than even the election of Marco Rubio, in my view.

And finally — Ramesh: Yes, I am sure your young ‘uns will contribute mightily to entitlement revenues. Could I just send you a thank-you note? And then we can forget about the Williamson Tax Credit offsetting the commercial real-estate taxes built into my outrageous rent, which are used to subsidize government schools that no little Williamson ever shall set foot inside.

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