Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Thursday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On President Obama’s failure to seal a free-trade deal with South Korea:

Whenever a president walks into a room with another head of state and he walks out empty-handed — he’s got a failure on his hands.

And this was self-inflicted. With Obama it’s now becoming a ritual. It’s a combination of incompetence,  inexperience, and arrogance. He was handed a treaty by the Bush administration. It was done. But he wanted to improve on it. And instead, so far, he’s got nothing. …

And this is a pattern with Obama. He thinks he can reinvent the world. With Iran, he decides he has a silver tongue, he’ll sweet-talk ’em into a deal. He gets humiliated over and over again. With the Russians he does a reset, he gives up missile defense, he gets nothing.

In the Middle East, he proposes a ban on Jewish construction in Jerusalem, which is never going to happen. And what does it do? After 17 years [of negotiations without any preconditions] it destroys any chance of negotiations.

Again, a combination of [incompetence] — he comes in, I’ll reinvent the world, I know everything — and arrogance. And the result? He gets zero results.

On a deal to extend the Bush tax cuts:

This is all a result of the shellacking. … Remember in ‘09 at the beginning of the presidency, Obama was in [a] discussion with the Republicans. And he got to a point in the debate where he said “I won.” Well, [this time] the Republicans won. As a result we’re going to get an extension of the [Bush] cuts — and the Republicans will resist a decoupling, which is absolutely essential.

If that happens, if it’s two years, three years or more, it doesn’t really matter. It’ll be renegotiated, reargued, and there’ll probably be a whole debate about a whole new tax structure anyway.

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