You Complain, We Adjust

by Rich Lowry

I wanted to get back to everyone on some adjustments we’ve made in how we handle comments, thanks to your feedback. We’ve made the registration easier. Also, you can comment without formally registering, although you still have to provide some very basic information (all things considered, it’s easier just to go ahead and register). We’ve split the difference between chronological and reverse-chronological posting–registered users can toggle to whichever option they prefer. Alas, the comments are still moderated, which means there’s a delay in posting. There’s only one way around this–to become a starred commenter who can post directly. You might notice we have begun to have more of them. All it takes is a history of responsible commenting. We are making an effort to identify more commenters for starred status, so if you think you deserve it, please let us know in a comment or e-mail. Thanks, as always.

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