Re: Don’t Shoot the Groper

by Mark Krikorian

Allahpundit over at Hot Air agrees with my caution not to blame the TSA screeners for carrying out the moronic policy set by their superiors. He links to a report on the attitude of the screeners themselves to the enhanced pat-downs, and they seem to like the whole thing even less than the passengers. The solution is to fire Napolitano (and her boss, though that’ll have to wait two years) and hire the Israelis to teach us how to do airport security.

One big thing I regret about the new groping policy is that it wasn’t announced a week or two before the election — Republicans could have picked up an additional 10 or 15 house seats and maybe Buck and Rossi too.

Oh, a funny thing in the comments at Allahpundit’s post — it took just six minutes to fulfill Godwin’s Law: “So weren’t the German soldiers just ‘following orders’ in the concentration camps.”

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