Libertarian Lion

by John J. Miller

Today’s Between the Covers podcast is with Harlow Giles Unger, author of Lion of Liberty: Patrick Henry and the Call to a New Nation. We discuss what Henry meant when he declared “give me liberty or give me death,” whether Henry is best understood as a libertarian, and what Henry would think of the 21st-century tea-party movement. As always, I have a little bit more on Unger at my personal website.

Last week, I was croozin’ with NR, so I didn’t get a chance to mention my podcast with novelist Andrew Klavan. You listened to it anyway, right? Klavan has two new books out: The Identity Man (for grown ups) and The Truth of the Matter (for young adults). Most of the interview focuses on The Identity Man and how Klavan inserts his right-of-center social ideas into what is essentially a crime thriller.

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