Obama Fishes for GOP Support on Infrastructure

by Robert Costa

President Obama hopes to work with Republicans like Rep. John Mica on infrastructure spending. John Harwood reports:

President Obama has asked Congress for $50 billion in new infrastructure spending to spur economic growth. “I’ll work with him,” said Representative John L. Mica, a Florida Republican who is scheduled to become the House Transportation Committee chairman.

But the Republican leadership reacted coolly to Mr. Mica’s attempt to work with majority Democrats on transportation legislation in the current Congress. And incoming Republican freshmen expect Mr. Boehner to embrace their unequivocal emphasis on cutting spending.

Today in Indiana, the president encouraged Mica and friends to follow through:

That’s why in the coming days it is so important, the coming months it’s so important, that Democrats and Republicans work together to speed up our recovery.  We’ve got to put aside our differences.  The election is over.  We’ve got to find places where we can agree.  We’ve got to remember the most important contest we face, it’s not between Democrats and Republicans.  It’s between America and our economic competitors.  Other nations are already making investments — (applause) — other nations are making investments in education, energy and infrastructure, technology, because they know that’s how they’re going to be able to attract the new jobs of the future.  And throughout our history, Democrats and Republicans have agreed on making these investments.

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