Donald Trump For President?

by Jonah Goldberg

I just listened to a phone interview with Donald Trump on Fox and Friends. Every four years it seems that Trump pretends to be running for president. He obviously loves the free media. Indeed, his presidential “feelers” usually coincide with a new book, or new line of ties, or new TV extravaganza. He’s not running for president. He’s got a cargo hold of baggage. More important, most of the time he talks about politics he’s a buffoon. This morning’s interview amounted to the shady New York developer school of foreign policy. His take on the Korean crisis: We should leverage the Korean crisis to screw the South Koreans on trade.

I will say, however, it would be fun to see a televised cabinet meeting where the president says to his Treasury secretary: “Unemployment is high, your projections were wrong, you’ve embarrassed me. You’re fired.”

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