by John J. Miller

Democratic senator Jim Webb of Virginia may have his first serious GOP challenger for 2012: Corey Stewart, the chairman of Prince William County (where I live). In today’s edition of my local paper, Stewart says he’s thinking about a run:

“I would have a pretty good starting position, I think, especially given my leadership role on illegal immigration and cutting spending,” said Stewart, who led the county to adopt a controversial illegal immigration resolution in 2007.

Stewart said if he runs, he would run on the Tea Party side of things.

“I agree with a lot of the Tea Party views especially on cutting spending which we’ve done very effectively in Prince William County,” said Stewart, an international trade attorney in private practice. …

“If a sitting U.S. Congressman doesn’t run for it and if the statewide elected Republicans don’t run for it, then the Republican with the largest jurisdiction in Virginia is me,” he said. “Don’t write me off as a serious candidate for that position.”

I wrote about Stewart, Prince William County, and illegal immigration for NR earlier this year. I also covered Webb’s 2006 election.

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