‘Assange the Anti-American’

by Rich Lowry

Here’s my column today. An e-mail:

Dear Mr. Lowry,

…I would add only one more observation:  Assange is a rank coward.  If he really wanted to show his bravery, he should expose the secrets of Russia, or China.  There’s plenty of dirt there from the trafficking of the organs from imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners to the murder of Russian investigative journalists.  But no, he targets the US, because he knows that if he went after Russia or China, her would be dead in two days.  Instead he attacks the US, a country that respects the rule of law and will not come after him until we can make a reasonable legal case against him.  While we have ordered assassinations against people, once it becomes common knowledge, people are outraged.  In Russia, it’s business as usual.  

Assange is a coward pure and simple.  Let’s see if he has the cojones to actually take on a real criminal state that would come after him.

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