On the Home Page

by Matthew Shaffer


Dennis Prager critiques the silly and injurious “self-esteem” movement.

The Editors list the many problems with raising taxes now, as per Democrats’ wishes.

Andrew Stiles anticipates a showdown on the House budget committee between wunderkind Paul Ryan, and his newly anointed foil, Chris Van Hollen (D., Md.).

Andrew McCarthy argues that the Grey Lady’s decision to publish Wikileaks is careless toward the public interest.

The Editors applaud the administration’s sanctions against North Korea, though stronger responses, and stronger alliances, are needed.

Daniel Pipes examines the curious convergence (and possible crisscrossing) of Turkey and Iran.

Mona Charen urges us to speak honestly about the origins of terrorism.

Thomas Sowell wonders if Republicans can find the superior rhetoric to match their superior position on tax cuts.

Henry Sokolski and Stephen Rademaker urge the Obama administration to stick to its nonproliferation “gold standard.”

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