What the WikiLeaks Docs Don’t (and Won’t) Show

by Michael Rubin

The alleged 2003 Iranian Grand Bargain offer has become a staple of those who wish to believe the Islamic Republic sincere in its offers of diplomacy. The problem, of course, is that the offer was not Iranian in origin. Indeed, the emails of Trita Parsi, an Iranian anti-sanctions activist, show he lied when he confirmed the offer’s authenticity since, in response to his query, Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations, had privately told him that the offer did not originate with Tehran. True, WikiLeaks appears not to have cables and correspondence dating back to 2003, but one would think that Dennis Ross and John Limbert–both of whom referenced the offer in their books–would have at least referenced it after entering office in 2009.  But then again, who wants to admit that they got so caught up in anti-Bush hysteria that they accepted the snake-oil peddled by a self-promoting lobbyist?

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