Let the Witch Hunt Begin

by Michael Rubin

According to the Turkish daily Vatan, 10 of 27 documents WikiLeaks disclosed regarding Turkey attribute to an AKP official redacted as “XXX” inside information about the AKP and a pessimistic account of its prospects. An AKP official told Vatan, “It seems like our friends sang like a canary. We are now after them. This shows us we do not know how to talk with foreign diplomats.” The Foreign Ministry and the AKP have both established committees to determine the identity of the source, and are currently examining parliamentarians who attended small dinners and receptions at the U.S. embassy. Given that Prime Minister Erdogan is like Vladimir Putin in his ego and attitude toward dissent, it would not surprise if the first casualty of the WikiLeaks scandal was in Ankara.  If I were the source, I’d certainly avoid crossing the street, because those hit-and-runs are on the upswing . . .

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