Radical Christmas?

by Stanley Kurtz

Here’s an update on recent developments with my new book: I was certainly surprised to see Radical-in-Chief at the top of David Weigel’s Christmas gift list. That Weigel took a mild swipe at the book was not unexpected. That he had some good things to say was a pleasant shock.

Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media introduces Part One of a three-part PJTV interview series on Radical-in-Chief here. Part Two of the interview can be found here. Part Three is forthcoming.

Over at Townhall, Guy Benson posted a widely-read piece about one of the lesser-known revelations of Radical-in-Chief.

Meanwhile, I spoke at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend gathering in Florida about Radical-in-Chief. David Swindle introduces the video here and a transcript of my talk can be found here. What makes the end of this talk a bit different is that I go into some detail on how I uncovered Obama’s paper trail.

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