A Sigh of Relief for Pork-Loving Republicans

by Robert Costa

Washington — After his success in elevating conservative contenders in November, will an energized Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.) go after earmark-supporting GOP senators in 2012?

DeMint tells NRO that the Senate Conservatives Fund, his political-action committee, will not meddle in primary challenges against Republican incumbents. “We don’t intend to do that; there is no reason to do that with so many Democratic seats up.”

“I don’t have plans to campaign against any of the ones here,” DeMint says. “That’s between them and their voters.”

DeMint notes that his PAC followed a similar policy last cycle — directing money to primaries in open and Democratic seats.

“Were going to focus on Republican primaries in Democratic seats,” he says. “We’ll pick a few primaries where we have a clearly superior conservative candidate,” and focus resources there.

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