Jonah Goldberg, Trendsetter

by Shannen W. Coffin

After Assange’s first Wikileaks dump a few weeks ago, our poor defenseless editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg wrote a column suggesting — without explicit endorsement (nudge, nudge) — that Assange perhaps should have met with an “accident” by now.  I believe he may have even used the term “garroted,” which I particularly enjoyed. He was lambasted by all sorts of people who said lots of mean and nasty things about him. Gawker asked, “Why hasn’t Jonah Goldberg been punched in the face yet today?” 

Now, we learn that Jonah was really on the cutting edge of assassination chic. Even Canadians are calling for Assange to be felled into a deep hole. Once again, Mr. Goldberg is a trendsetter. Like back in the Eighties when he made legwarmers popular. 

Important caveat: To be very clear, I am not calling for the assassination of anyone, neither Assange nor Jonah’s critics. Or even Jonah himself. I happen to be very fond of his wife and daughter. So it would be very, very wrong to read my post as an endorsement of the unnecessary killing of anyone or anything.   

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