Turkey: The Jews Are Behind WikiLeaks

by Michael Rubin

If the Zionists managed singlehandedly to bring down the World Trade Center (after Ariel Sharon robo-called all the Jews to make sure they weren’t in the building), perhaps in their crafty and wicked ways, the Zionists also designed the whole WikiLeaks scandal in order to embarrass Turkey. Sounds far-fetched? Not according to Hüseyin Çelik, the deputy leader of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP), who told a press conference yesterday that Israel could have engineered the release of hundreds of thousands of confidential documents on WikiLeaks as a plot to corner Turkey on both domestic and foreign policy. “One has to look at which countries are pleased with these. Israel is very pleased. Israel has been making statements for days, even before the release of these documents,” he said, adding, “Documents were released and they immediately said, ‘Israel will not suffer from this.’ How did they know that?”

Hüseyin Çelik might unwittingly be adding support to all the observations about Turkey’s Islamist turn that WikiLeaks exposed but, nevertheless, there is a silver lining: He now qualifies for a tenured appointment at Columbia University should the AKP ever lose its grip on power.

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