Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Thursday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On Charlie Rangel’s defiant news conference after the censure vote:

In the end, that’s the irony. That same arrogance which caused him to obviously commit all these [financial] sins is the one that had him turn down a simple reprimand, which he could have had, and suffer the censure, which is a true humiliation and a disgrace.

On John Boehner calling the Democrats’ tax cut vote a “chicken crap” maneuver:

The speaker-to-be has signaled us that we are not going to have rhetoric at the level of John Calhoun and Henry Clay in the coming Congress.

On the lawlessness in Juarez:

This is extremely serious stuff. This has really not entered our national consciousness. Of course, people in Texas and the border states know about this. But the idea that we would live next to a country that has lost control of some areas which are on our border [is] really quite strange for us.

We’ve had this two-century existence where we’re protected by two oceans, have Canada which is at peace with us and Mexico as well. Now … parts of Mexico becoming like what parts of Colombia were in the 80s and 90s, and even small areas of it today, which are essentially controlled by drug gangs or [becoming] even, if you will, like parts of Pakistan, which are outside the control of the central government.

And 3,000 killings a year in Juarez — where you have ten a year on the Texas side — is astonishing. I think in the end if this continues we’re going to end up within a decade or so with American soldiers on the other side of the line working with the federales to actually just keep it under control and not a no man’s land. …

But I would add there is one element on our side of the border. American demand is driving the drug trade. Always has. Nancy Reagan had a campaign against drugs, considered corny, old-fashioned. I think the government ought to have a stronger campaign — as it does against smoking and obesity. We ought to renew that [anti-drug campaign] and to make [drug use], if we can, over time, unfashionable. That’s the only way you’ll reach young folks, and we have to do our part by decreasing demand.

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