A Romney Guy

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

defends Sarah Palin. David French, co-founder of Evangelicals for Mitt, writes


…. I’d say there’s no politician in America (and certainly no non-President in my lifetime) more vilified than Alaska’s former governor. From venomous feminists who say she’s not a woman, to those who question whether her youngest son iseven her child, to musical acts who actually simulate her murder onstage, there’s little doubt that much of America is in the grip of pure hatred.

As for me, she’s not my favorite Republican, but every insult, every crass attack, and every condescending smirk binds me closer to her.

Why? Is it just reflexive defense, the kind of immediate protective instinct I feel when fellow pro-life conservatives are attacked? Or is it the intangible affinity I felt for her family the instant I heard that her son was soon deploying to the very same Iraqi Province to which I’d deployed?

No, it’s something more. After hearing the attacks for more than two full years, I’ve decided that defending Sarah Palin benefits American democracy …. 

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