Assange Is ‘Making Arrangements to Meet with the Police’

by Matthew Shaffer

Mark Stephens, the lawyer for Julian Assange, said that the WikiLeaks founder intends to sit down with “police by consent in order to facilitate the taking of that question-and-answer as needed.” This is ostensibly regarding several allegations of sexual assault, for which Sweden has issued an arrest warrant against Assange — not for the WikiLeaks revelations. From

Sweden issued an arrest warrant for Assange in November, saying he is suspected of rape, sexual molestation and illegal use of force. The warrant was followed last week by a “Red Notice” from Interpol, placing Assange on a list of wanted suspects at the request of Sweden’s Stockholm Criminal Court.

British police then asked Swedish authorities for additional details not specified in the initial arrest warrant, a possible indication that the location of the elusive Assange is known. CNN has not confirmed that Assange is in the United Kingdom.

Swedish prosecutors said Monday that they had sent additional information the British requested and that the case was being handled in accordance with European laws.

This comes shortly after two news items that would be troubling to Assange: Earlier today, his Swiss bank account with PostFinance was canceled on, the bank said, “a technicality,” leading to the loss of over $130,000 of assets. Attorney General Eric Holder also recently announced that the U.S. was investigating means to prosecute Assange. “We are doing everything that we can,” he said.

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