The Condescender-in-Chief

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Maybe I’m too cynical — I’m open to the possibility, though I certainly hope that’s not the case — but when I watched the president today, I really wasn’t remotely surprised. How many times can a person ask, “How could they possibly think that would have helped?”

He’s condescending — that’s his m.o. He doesn’t like critics. He kept that trait in check somewhat during the campaign (with some exceptions, like his calling the National Right to Life Committee and others who dared to talk about his record on human life liars), but we’ve seen it again and again during these press conferences and campaign stops. Usually the targets of his condescension are Slurpee-drinking Republicans and Rush Limbaugh and the like, but all critics must beware. If the Left weren’t so into him, they wouldn’t have cut him as much slack as they did during that public-option debate, which he brought up today. But, my fellow Americans, feel the condescension. It’s not just us right-wingers he doesn’t have patience for — it’s all critics. 

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