Connolly Wants Dems to Back Deal

by Andrew Stiles

One might expect, given his campaign rhetoric during the midterms, that Rep. Gerry Connolly (D., Va.) would be thrilled with the proposed deal to extend the Bush tax rates across all income levels (he also represents the wealthiest congressional district in the country).

Well, if so, he’s hiding it well. When asked about the deal, all he could muster was a generic response: “I favor the bipartisan tax announcement from the White House.”

Can Democrats come together and support it? “I would hope so,” Connolly tells NRO. He argues the deal isn’t as raw as some Democrats think.

“I think both sides had to give a little and both sides got something out of it, and I think the White House got a lot more out of it than maybe some on the left of my caucus might want to acknowledge,” he says.

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