Krauthammer’s Take

by NRO Staff

From Tuesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On President Obama’s Tuesday press conference on the tax cut deal:

As I said last night, he just actually got the Republicans to agree to a huge second stimulus. …

Essentially we’re going to now have $900 billion less of revenues … over the next two years, all borrowed from the Chinese, which is a huge fiscal stimulus infused into the economy in the year 2011 and 2012 — which are exactly the two years in the run-up to Obama’s reelection. This is the kind of stimulus a president would dream of in a weak economy in which he needs a strong economy if he’s going to win reelection. …

It’s going to be hundreds of billions of Chinese money in the hands of Americans, and they will spend it.

On Eric Holder not taking action against Julian Assange:

It’s utterly inexplicable why the attorney general has not been able to produce an indictment. This is a guy who in July released secrets about Afghanistan in an ongoing war which were even more damaging to American national security. He has had half a year. We know the Espionage Act is clear about releasing this information and disseminating it.

If the act is inadequate, he has half a year to produce a new updated act where espionage or sabotage would be dealt with. We have a very strong extradition treaty with Britain. It would be easy to extradite him. Where is the indictment and where is the extradition request? This is most passive, inadequate attorney general I’ve seen in my lifetime.

On the director of national intelligence’s Guantanamo recidivism report, which shows that 150 of 598 released detainees have been involved in terrorism anew or have been suspected of such:

It’s the last nail in the coffin [for closing Guantanamo]. We can’t give prisoners away to other countries. We look absurd in our efforts. You can’t put them in the U.S. They’ll all be held in indefinite detention anyway. And we learn now that a quarter of them are returning to fighting against us. There is no argument left for closing Guantanamo.

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