Polling on Palin for 2012

by Katrina Trinko

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, has new data showing that Sarah Palin, if nominated, would capture a lower percentage of GOP voters in a match-up against President Obama than Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, or Mike Huckabee would.  From PPP’s blog:

Across the 7 individual states where we’ve done 2012 polls so far- Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Montana, and Virginia- Palin averages receiving 77% of the Republican vote against Barack Obama. That puts her slightly behind Gingrich at 80% and well behind Romney and Huckabee at 84%. Palin does the worst of the Republicans among Republicans in Montana, Missouri, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Minnesota. Only North Carolina where she does better than Romney and Virginia where she does better than Gingrich and Romney serve as exceptions to the rule.

Republicans may hate Barack Obama but there look to be a pretty meaningful percentage of them who don’t hate him enough to vote to put Sarah Palin in the White House. When you combine that with her complete lack of appeal to Democrats and independents she looks virtually unelectable for 2012.

PPP also noted that among Republicans, Palin has higher favorability ratings (68 percent) than Huckabee (63 percent), Gingrich (57 percent), and Romney (56 percent).

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