Barbour: Priebus ‘One of the Best’

by Brian Bolduc

Henry Barbour, Mississippi’s national Republican committeeman, tells National Review Online he supports Reince Priebus for chair of the RNC because he thinks Priebus is “one of the best state chairmen we have.”

“He’s a fiscal and social conservative,” Barbour assures NRO. He cites Priebus’s time as general counsel for the party as another point in the Wisconsin GOP chair’s favor. “I will say in his role as general counsel — which wasn’t an easy task under the current chairman — he was fair and inclusive,” Barbour says.

“I don’t know if the chairman took [Priebus’s advice] all that often,” Barbour admits. “But I think he’s well respected on the committee for the way he deals with people and his integrity.”

Fighting the perception that Priebus is Steele 2.0, Barbour concludes, “Despite being someone who helped Michael Steele get elected, I see [Priebus] as independent of Michael Steele and I think he’s the strongest one running.”

Priebus announced his bid only three days ago, yet he’s already gained five supporters on the RNC. South Capitol Street has a running tally of each candidate’s supporters.

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