No Labels Marathon

by Stanley Kurtz

No Labels looks like the topic of the day. David Frum has now replied to “David Frum, Speech Policeman,” and I’ve answered Frum today in “David Frum’s Wrong Direction.” Ron Radosh explains “Why the ‘No Labels’ Movement Will Fail.” Jonah Goldberg explains why politics without labels is a silly concept. Mayor Bloomberg will be speaking at the founding convention of No Labels and Hot Air’s Allahpundit (or perhaps I should say ALLAHPUNDIT) games out the chances that Bloomberg (with the help of No Labels?) might be planning a presidential run. Here’s a local report on No Labels organizing in Iowa that suggests its particular interest in states with presidential primaries. Meanwhile, National Association of Scholars head Peter Wood, takes the occasion of a controversial “affirmative action bake sale” at Wesleyan University to reflect on the No Labels concept.

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