Palin Touts Bookworm Side

by Katrina Trinko

Sarah Palin would like to set the record straight: she is, contrary to impressions created by her interview with Katie Couric during the 2008 campaign, a reader. 

“I read anything and everything that I can get my hands on as I have since I was a little girl,” Palin told ABC’s Barbara Walters in an interview set to air tonight.

Palin also talked about how frustrated she was with the continuing interest in that 2008 interview. “Because of that one episode, that one episode, that would turn an issue into what it has become over the last two years. I think that’s ridiculous,” she said. “That’s one of those things, where that issue … that I don’t read, or that I’m not informed, it’s one of those questions where I like to turn that around and ask the reporters, ‘Why would it be that there is that perception that I don’t read?’”

Palin also detailed some of her favorite reading material. “I’m reading the best book right now — Dean Karnazes’s book about being an ultra-marathoner,” she commented. “I read a lot of C.S. Lewis when I want some divine inspiration … I read Newsmax and The Wall Street Journal. I read all of our local papers of course in Alaska because that’s where my heart is.”

Best reaction so far may be The View’s Joy Behar, who reportedly remarked, “Didn’t he [C.S. Lewis] write children’s books?”

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