Assange & Prosecution

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Hi guys. A combination of deadlines and other commitments has prevented me from responding to Gabe’s thoughtful post earlier today. He hasn’t won me over, for reasons I’ll explain soon — probably over the weekend (since tomorrow is a nuttier day for me than today was).

On Matt’s informative report, I’ll just briefly observe that Assange has many substantive and procedural cards still to play, and how “enforceable” an extradition treaty is depends on who is trying to enforce it and how accommodating the justice ministries and the courts decide to be. We also have what are supposed to be streamlined extradition arrangements with the Brits — our closest allies — and that hasn’t stopped them from delaying the transfer of various wanted terrorists for years. I wouldn’t wait by the phone for the call that Assange is on his way. But more on all this later.

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