What Hugo Sees with His ‘New Eyes’

by Denis Boyles

I see the Guardian has eleven staff Scoops following the “reaction across the globe to the leaked US embassy cables.” The headline: “After 12 days of WikiLeaks cables, the world looks on US with new eyes.” Yet, reading through the paper’s survey is something you can do with your new eyes closed, and I mean that almost literally, since most of it was old news two weeks ago:

Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, has called on Hillary Clinton to resign in the wake of “all of this spying and delinquency in the State Department”.

“Look at how they treat the leaders of powerful countries,” Chavez told state TV channel Telesur, describing the cables as proof of the “dirty war of Yankee embassies in the whole world”.

“Look how they are mistreating this great friend of ours, Vladimir Putin. What a lack of respect!”

And what a surprise. (And what a weird translation.) Elsewhere, the Guardian has today’s WikiLeaks shocker: The U.S. and Britain disagreed on how to handle Croatia’s EU membership application!

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