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by Matthew Shaffer


Ahmad Majidyar reports on the chilling effect WikiLeaks is having on diplomatic relations with Kabul.

Robert Verbruggen narrates the thorny Big Business-Big Labor battle waged in Delta since its Northwest merger.

W. Bradford Wilcox speaks with Kathryn Jean Lopez about his study on “When Marriage Disappears: The Retreat from Marriage in Middle America.” 

Rich Lowry editorializes on the same.

Michelle Malkin wonders why certain kinds of hate crimes get less attention than others.

Mona Charen profiles Mitch Daniels, the popular Indiana governor who just might be presidential material.

Jonah Goldberg observes that Obama has lost faith in his own president-as-inspirer model.

Charles Krauthammer characterizes the tax deal as a second stimulus, and subtle swindle by Obama.  

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