Clinton Takes Over Presidential Podium

by Daniel Foster

In a joint press conference with President Obama post-private meeting, former president Bill Clinton has endorsed the tax compromise, expressing his “hope” that Democrats support it. He is now giving typically meandering, but information-packed answers to questions from the press. For a good stretch of it, Clinton had a smiling (cringing?) Obama standing silently to his right, arms crossed, looking mighty awkward to the left of the presidential podium. 

But it got worse — in the middle of Clinton answering a question on what advice he gave Obama in their private meeting, Obama interrupted, announcing that he had been “keeping the first lady waiting” for 30 minutes and would be leaving Clinton to field the remainder of questions, telling the press they were “in good hands.”

And President Clinton didn’t miss a beat. He’s still talking.


UPDATE: Mark Knoller just asked Bill Clinton if he was having a better time giving advice to President Obama than he did while he was actually governing. Clinton replied, with a broad grin: “I had quite a good time governing.”

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