Re: Doomed

by Rich Lowry

A little more reaction.


We constantly hear about how the US doesn’t manufacture anything anymore.  That is just not true.  Manufacturing output prior to the recession was at an all time high. It is true that manufacturing employment has suffered, but what are we supposed to do, outlaw automation?


This problem is a perfect example of the trouble with the secularist zeitgeist of today’s fiscal cons.  Academia and Holllywood spent the last 30+ years astroturfing Christianity out of the public’s world view, much in the same way they have astroturfed capitalism and individualism out of the public’s world view.  Fiscal cons believe our country’s demise is solely the fault of abandoning our Constitutional principles.  I guess framing the problem this way calls for a more comfortable solution.  But there is no constitutional solution to this, because a secular constitution cannot address social decline stemming from religious attrition. 

I am not saying that marriage is a uniquely Christian institution.  What I am saying is that, for the past 30+ years, the American public has been presented with two choices in these terms:  1)be Christian and respectable and dorky and stay married or 2)be bohemian and avant garde and cool and sleep around.  Progressives’ success in re-assigning the “ick factor” to Christianity has had many, many consequences.  This is one of them. 

Having watched the utter misery this shift has caused in the UK’s lower class, atheist Theodore Dalrymple ironically seems to more readily-acknowledge the problems with secularization. 

“Getting back to our Constitutional roots” will not solve this.  Removing the ick factor from Christianity will.  We need a modern-day CS Lewis.  Like it or not, the thing concerned people should be doing is attending church again, and dragging all of their friends with them.