Steele Supporter: ‘I’m Very Pleased’

by Brian Bolduc

John Frey, a member of the Republican National Committee, reacts to Michael Steele’s announcement in an e-mail to National Review Online:

I’m very pleased he’s seeking re-election.  

At the meeting two years ago when he was elected, the mood was somber.  That week, President Obama was inaugurated and everyone was hanging their heads low. It seemed like we were going to be on the sidelines for a long time.  

Within a year, we won a congressional seat in Hawaii, senate seat in Massachusetts (of all places) and the governor races in New Jersey and Virginia. Michael and the RNC made winning those races a priority, and that was before any evidence of the tide that we saw last month.  

Fundraising is a factor. Well over 1,000,000 donors have given so far this year—far more than the last mid-term election year, and the RNC has gained over 685,000 new donors this cycle. 685,000 new donors! We all recognize the need to makeover our major donor program. But our fundraising base is solid.  

His remarks were humble.  He has made gaffes. The bottom line is that Michael Steele has learned from the past two years, has no agenda and is a fundamentally good, solid and honest man.  

A few months after his election, I was watching CSPAN late one night and they had a rebroadcast of Michael Steele at Howard University. He had a terrific exchange with the students and they appreciated his candor.  I watched with pride, feeling that we had made the right decision in electing him.   I think he has earned re-election and look forward to the debate leading up to the RNC meeting next month.

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