Kid, Get Over It.

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

An e-mail in response to my syndicated column on the new House schedule

I’m all for making Congress more efficient but to argue it’s for the sake of their children is ludicrous. Each of them volunteered to serve their country for a period of two years and they (and their families) knew good and well going in that it was a 24/7 job.

The mentality of this next Congress should be that of our soldiers fighting in Afghanistan (who, btw, miss ALL their kids games, plays, etc. ): we will make whatever sacrifices are necessary to save our country.

Our country is in danger, for sure. This is what this past election was all about.

If it’s possible to help save it in Washington and make a birthday party now and again, I don’t think that’s the sign of D.C. entitlement. Home’s part of the battle for tomorrow, too, after all. 

As the e-mailer points to, my praise for the schedule had to do with efficiency, with sanity.

And yes, some kids might benefit along the way. Their congressional parent and America might too. 

And, believe me, if a member of Congress is doing his job, there will be plenty of sacrifices. More than he — and his family —  may realize. 

Mercifully, though, a member of Congress can fly home for a rescheduled birthday celebration at week’s end (and with a little more calendar certainty after January), unlike the serviceman in Afghanistan I pray he remembers each time he walks into the Capitol building. 

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