The House Schedule

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

This, from a reader in Dallas, seems to be a very tea-party and prevalent position on how the new Congress should conduct itself

My suggestion for Congress is that they stay in their district and out of DC as many days as humanly possible.  We have the Internet and video conferencing, for Pete’s sake.  Make traveling to DC for House business the exception, rather than the rule.  They can go for State of the Union, important votes and debates (which can be scheduled for a couple of weeks every so often — see the cramming of business into the lame duck for an example), and that’s about it. 

Ag Committee wants to hold a hearing?  Hold it in Kansas or somewhere where the farmers are.  Energy Committee wants to talk about Gulf Oil spills?  Have a hearing in New Orleans.  

Then we won’t have these spectacles of Pete Stark’s town hall meetings — the angry populace can park on his office doorstep and yell at him every day.  Or, Heaven forbid, the Pete Starks might actually end up a little more connected to their constituents. 

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